Black Clip-On Inspirational Bracelet (Choose Your Engraving)



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It’s the choices you make in moments of struggle that separate the achiever from the herd.

Rise above the herd with this elegant stainless steel inspirational bracelet. It will serve as the perfect motivator in those times when you most need it.

Choose from a wide range of engravings including (but not limited to):

  • Hustle
  • Focus, Focus, Focus
  • Mediocrity = Hell
  • Remember Why You Started
  • Grind While They Sleep
  • Grind
  • Build Your Legacy
  • Fail Till You Succeed
  • Fuck Excuses
  • Rise Above The 99%
  • Rise Above The Herd
  • Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
  • Never Give Up
  • Take Action
  • And many more…

Or select a custom engraving of your choice (<30 characters).


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Additional information

Weight 36 g
Dimensions 20.5 x 1.2 cm

Hustle, Focus, Focus, Focus, Mediocrity = Hell, Remember Why You Started, Grind While They Sleep, Grind, Build Your Legacy, Fail Till You Succeed, Fuck Excuses, Rise Above The 99%, Rise Above The Herd, Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy, Never Give Up, Take Action, Do Epic Shit, I Can And I Will, I Can Do It, Just Watch Me, I Must, I Can, I Will, Stay Positive, Custom Engrave


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